3122 west cary street suite 220 | richmond, va 23221 | (804) 359-9642

daniel salinas

gentle w/ restoratives, vinyasa flow, yogabasics, yogabuild

trainings & certifications
  • 200hr teacher training from yoga vidya gurukul, various workshops

    why i practice
    to be human is to suffer
    the hardest of things to accept
    but it's the first step
    to discover

    to be a seeker is the next
    but where to look 
    a thousand books
    upon which to reflect

    a yogi is the former and the latter
    she breathes
    he seeks
    to silence the chatter

    but their wisdom lies in knowing
    it's better to smile than preach
    it's better to play than teach
    all the while growing

    why i teach
    i teach to learn, i learn to teach

    the little things. unwavering vulnerability. children

       hola yoga

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