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kartar singh

kundalini yoga

my passion is to create experiences in which people can learn. my goal is to make the experience of yoga an experience of being real, a moment in time. think of it this way—when you are doing the kriya you can be thinking of something else or you can be present with your consciousness, your body, and your mind in the moment.

i’m a trained and certified kundalini yoga teacher and teacher trainer who has been practicing and studying kundalini yoga since the early 70’s. it’s a path of physical yoga, and much more—it’s really a path for those who want to get growing, who are embarking on a path of spiritual development.

friends will tell you that i’m in love with everything spiritual— everything that has to do with letting out the spirit, the smile, the joy, the heart and soul of the person. i use all kinds of spiritual teachers and teachings to learn. some years ago i learned that i would have to shift my stance towards myself in my own life. i learned that “if you cannot be a teacher to yourself, then you have nothing to share with others.”

i am by nature a quiet person, a meditator and a mediator. for many years i’ve been one in whose presence those who can’t find a way to cooperate with difference could do that.

yogi bhajan is my primary teacher and my love is to learn the depth of kundalini yoga. my mentors are yogi bhajan and rishi dusht damen, the previous incarnation of guru gobind singh. once when i went to visit yogi bhajan, he told me “you have an angel that sits on your right shoulder. you earned it in another lifetime. when you walked in that angel blew itself up big and told me to tell you ‘if you don’t start teaching i should stand you up on your head’”. i started teaching. yogi bhajan once said to my wife—“when people meet kartar they won’t know what to make of him. and after they get to know him they will never forget him.”

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