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member of the month

november 2017

they inspire us by their commitment to the practice, their dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, and we love seeing them around! meet our members...

what are 2 things you love most about being a member at yoga source?
going to class and only having a 6 minute walk from my house. the calm atmosphere.

what motivates you to get to class early in the morning or after a busy day?
knowing that i'm doing something for ME.

what do you enjoy most about the practice of yoga?
it allows me to improve my physical being and quiet my internal dialogue.

what teacher do you feel most connected to? and why?
holly henty - kundalini is way out of my comfort zone and presses me mentally, but she creates a warm, open, and real atmosphere to just be yourself.

if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
everywhere. i want to see everything. name a place, i want to go there. i'm perpetually planning vacations and adventures.

name one thing on your "bucket" list.
i'm a person without a bucket list -- living life to the fullest as it comes at me.


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