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march 2015

the "finish-line" celebration!
meet the staff and fellow challengers friday, april 3rd, from 6:30-7:30 pm. share experiences, insights, and refreshments. honor their dedication - whether it was 7, 20, or all 31 days of the challenge. all participants will receive their certificate and prize drawings will be selected at that time.

meet the challengers
our 3rd annual 31-day yoga challenge is on! meet the participants as they commit to practicing everyday, for 31-days.
here's why they're taking on the challenge:

linda adams
molly greenspan
"i had a wonderful experience participating in (and winning !) last years challenge. i would very much like to stay connected to yoga source and my practice. being part of the challenge is a perfect way to do so."
mary bates
"it's a good motivator - 'yoga every damn day,' as some put it."
kristi hord
"because it makes me feel gooooood, inside and out!"
michelle beavers
"practicing at yoga source has made me a better person, and this is a wonderful excuse to dedicate time to myself/my practice every day."
melissa mcgoniagle
"i wanted to commit myself to a regular practice and to begin to make a habit of wellness and taking good care of myself :)"
rachel boxley
"to further deepen my practice."
paula millar
"sometimes a challenge is really a gift in disguise."
alexandra chamberlain
"why not?"
jacque minarik
"why not? i am in a yoga teacher training program and I aspire to practice more yoga. also, my mom is terminally ill and yoga is my therapy!"
marisa day
"i want to try different classes and work with new teachers - it will be a great opportunity to explore yoga beyond my vinyasa practice."
abbey philips
"i have been doing yoga for close to 5 years, but despite my desires i often find it difficult to maintain a daily practice at home. i'm certain my deepening my knowledge of yoga could benefit myself, my family and my community."
myra dionisio
"to ask our students is to ask myself. i couldn't let another year go by and not have this experience."
christina roeschel
"to embark in a journey of self discovery"
georgia r. farmer
"i have been attending yoga regularly and i think this challenge will further my practice. i also like the idea of knowing there is a group of yogis with the same goal at the same time."
paul rogers
"i want to develop a consistent physical yoga practice to compliment my meditation practice and the wisdom work i have been doing."
cynthia freeman
"wanted to get back to yoga and the challenge adds an extra incentive."
joan shepherd
"i have the time. i like to be involved in learning/challenging myself. i love my community at ys. so cool to be with favorite teachers i've known for years and to be taught by the young whippersnappers i took teacher training class with last year."
lynne foreman
"the challenge coincides with lent, and i'm adding a daily commitment to my practice of yoga rather than giving up something like chocolate."
liz taylor
"entering new phase of my life and wish to commit to a focussed yoga practice."
heather garrett
"i had fallen out of my regular practice routine & saw this as a perfect opportunity to re-connect & stay committed to a regular practice."
nyssa thongthai
"i like challenges. it motivates and helps me to stay committed to my practice."
sierra garrett
"it's just the right time!"
sarah white
"i've been a member for over a year, and i love taking classes at yoga source. but life gets busy. i want to try to commit to a month of yoga, no matter how busy life gets."
rachel green
"i have seen the benefit of yoga and mindfulness in my life and i want to challenge myself to take it on further."

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