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what it means to "register"

it is important to have a clear understanding of what it means to register with yoga alliance. registration is the type of credential that yoga alliance uses to list teachers and schools with specified education and experience requirements on a registry.

credentialing is the process by which an entity, authorized and qualified to do so, grants formal recognition to, or records the recognition status of individuals and programs that meet predetermined and standardized criteria. credentials establish criteria for fairness, quality, competence, and safety for professional services provided by authorized individuals for educational endeavors.

credentialing is the umbrella term that includes the concepts of registration, accreditation, licensure and professional certification. these other types of credentials are offered for professionals but currently yoga alliance does not provide certifications or licenses for teachers, nor do we provide accreditation for schools.

all yoga teachers and teacher training programs (yoga schools) whose training meets our requirements are listed on our online directory for one-year terms. teachers and schools must renew their registration on an annual basis to maintain active status with yoga alliance.

currently, yoga is not a licensed profession in the u.s., so it is not required that one register with yoga alliance in order to teach yoga. registration with yoga alliance is voluntary and is the premier form of recognition given to a yoga teacher or yoga school.

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